Warning! Deep Hand Analysis To Come

Hello all!
Today I've been studying poker quite a bit and I came to realize something for myself which was taught to me a long time ago. I realized how important your opponents ranges are in Poker. 
This may seems silly to many people reading this who know anything about poker and trust me it feels funny writing this because of how obviously important your opponents ranges are in this game. 
However today I was going over a hand history with a friend of mine and he just didn't understand this key concept.
He was explaining to me why he chose to do something in this particular hand and I explained to him that based on the set of hands his counterpart could realistically have, his play didn't make sense.
My friend went on to defend his decision but slowly began to realize that what I was saying was right. He realized that his opponent had exploited him because of his lack of knowledge and awareness of the game.
There are many things which are important in poker but in my op…

Poker trip!

Here are a few photos of my last poker session! Things went well, I got some study in, made lunch, and made a nice big profit! Enjoy!

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Doing some poker study before I head to the poker room today 📈 A post shared by Evan Denninghoff (@evan_pokerd) on Oct 1, 2018 at 6:07pm PDT

Poker Room Special

It's been a while but I wanted to come on back and update you on a new promotion going on this weekend at my local poker room. It's going to be pretty exciting because they are giving away $250 every 15 minutes for the person who has the highest hand in the room! It's very exciting and I can't wait to get out there and play this Saturday.

Richard James, a local card dealer told me that things are going to be wild on the felt come Saturday.

It's always a fun time when poker rooms do promos like this, I'll be out there for the day, I hope to see you on the felt as well. Run good at the tables and run good at life!

Home Game For The Ages

Today marks an exciting day in my poker life as I host my first home game at my apartment. Around eight I'm having a bunch of friends over to play some cards and have some fun! This picture is one I took as we were setting up for the event. I've always gone to the home games of friends and it's always been a blast however I've never done one at my place so this will be something new. I just thought I'd keep you all updated with things in my poker life right now! Have a great evening everyone! Run good at the tables and run good at life.

Fun times in Jax

So recently I took a poker trip to Jacksonville with a friend of mine! It was a great time and we played lots of poker :)

Unfortunately we didn't play or run incredibly well but we learned a lot. We slept at one of my friends apartments while he was away so we didn't need to pay for a hotel which was nice.

All in all it was a fun trip even though we ran pretty bad the whole time. Jacksonville is a cool place with really nice poker rooms :) I can't complain too much haha

Run good at the tables and run good at life!


Beautiful Florida

Yet another beautiful day here in Florida :) I always feel grateful to be here and to be able to play the game I love. It's such a beautiful place to live. The sun is always shining and the poker couldn't be better haha

I've been playing a lot lately and things have been going well, I'm about to book my second winning month in a row :)

It's kind of amazing to look back on when I was just barely breaking even and struggling every month and then look at the present when I'm winning every month and doing really well. I've put so much work into my game and it feels good that it's paying off :)

Run good at the tables and run good at life!